Awning Signage in Goleta California

Is your business name missing?

You need your name in front of your business. We can customize a new or existing awning with your business name to match your colors and branding.

It’s easier than you may imagine! Simply pick the fabric you want from our selection, and send us your lettering or logo. We’ll review your materials, determine the cost and a plan, and then send you our proposal. We’d love to help you stand out.

Where can I put my branding?

There are two basic choices for name placement on your awning sign:

  1. You can put your business name in the front of the awning valance or
  2. You can display it on top of the inclined side of the awning to include a much larger font or design.

Why choose us?

We offer quick manufacturing and installation.

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If you’re running under short timelines before your grand opening, the last thing you want to worry about is if you’ll have your name in front of your business when the big day arrives. Whether it is replacing the canvas or making a new awning with your branding, we’ll make sure you’re ready when you open the doors.

Do you already have signage but want to add your name to your existing or brand-new awning? We can take care of that too.


Give us a call at (805) 275-1524 for a free visit.

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