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Retractable Awnings in Goleta CA

Where can I install my
retractable awning?

Retractable awnings can be installed on top of a roof using special mounting brackets, or they can be installed on a flat wall surface. To offer the best advice, it’s necessary for us to give you an on-site estimate because each project is different.

Motorized and manual
retractable awnings. What are
the differences?

There are two different options that you can choose from, either manual or electric. Both options are practical, but the determining factor will depend on your budget and preferences.

Electric retractable awnings

The electric option can be either hardwired into your home or can be plugged into an outdoor outlet. You will also have the ability to use your smartphone or wireless remote to operate it. Lastly, the most functional and convenient aspect of going electric would be to consider including a wind sensor that immediately closes it during heavy winds.

Manual retractable awnings

Manual is the most affordable option and takes very little effort to operate. The system has a hook-style hand crank that allows you to manually open and close the awning. This option is always recommended if you are looking to save money and want a quick install. For your company, you can have your awning installed as quickly as 4-5 weeks from the initial payment.

Are retractable awnings good for rain?

Although retractable awnings can withstand light drizzling, these systems are only meant for shade and should not be kept open during windy or rainy conditions. If you are not cautious and leave it open overnight, this system will break and may cause damage. You can think of it like this- this type of awning is like a very expensive umbrella, except you can’t easily replace it so treat it with care.

How long do retractable awnings last?

As mentioned before, if you treat them with care, they can last over 10 + years. Most retractable awnings offer a limited 5-year warranty. We use 100% acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella or Tempotest, and they offer a 10-year life expectancy and can last even longer with proper maintenance. We have replaced fabric from retractable awnings that are over 20 years old, and the system still operates perfectly.