We stand to continuously deliver awnings that are made with care, attention & strength.

A Family Journey

It began as a dream to start a new life in Santa Barbara, California, and became a reality ten years ago when our patriarch and founder, Luis Ramirez, established Just4u Custom Canvas.

At the outset, we embarked on a journey to a new place, embracing a fresh life and venturing into a novel business endeavor. However, what set us apart was Luis’s extensive two decades of experience in the Textile industry in Mexico City. This laid a robust foundation for our company. Guided by Luis’s vision and finely honed skills, we began the journey of turning his dream into reality. This dream quickly evolved into a shared vision that we, as a family, have not only fulfilled but also continue to build upon.

With more than a decade of expertise in serving the Santa Barbara Area, we’ve successfully managed numerous commercial properties and residences. Over the years, our commitment to delivering on promises has earned us an exceptional reputation.

Our guiding principle is encapsulated in the motto, ‘From our family to your home or business.’ We guarantee courteous service and unparalleled quality at every step.

About Just 4U Custom Canvas

We Deliver Excellence

Just 4u Custom Canvas delivers on our promises. We put thoughtful care and precision into all aspects of our process with results that are unsurpassed in beauty, style, durability, and strength.

Luis and our family handle every aspect of each project from beginning to end. This one-on-one interaction ensures that the custom project we create just for you will be professionally designed, installed, and properly made!

You can email us at Just4ucustomcanvas@gmail.com or call the office at (805)275-1524.