Make your patio a year round lounge.

What kind of materials are used
on Shade Sails?

Shade sail fabric is a very flexible and translucent mesh material. Translucency provides a degree of light that goes through the fabric. The fabric is both UVA and UVB certified and follows strict fire code standards that prevent it from spreading fire. Shade sails are not permeable and will absorb rain, causing it to leak.

How are shade sails installed?

Shade Sails can be installed either by anchoring onto the strongest point of your home or by incorporating metal posts to support the tension from the sails.

Our shade sails are industry grade and are pulled taut and tensely to their fasteners to avoid them from swaying or flopping in the wind. This is done by tensioning the fabric with wires and is not recommended to be installed on wooden 4 x 4 posts. Powder-coated metal posts and welding are necessary. Even so, depending on the size of the shade, posts must be dug into dirt approximately 3- 4 feet deep depending on the shade sail size.

If you are comfortable with creating holes in your lawn, shade sails may be right for you. If not, then a professionally installed shade sail is not what we would recommend.

Are shade sails expensive?

Yes, the budget can be high for this kind of project. It can be expensive due to the uniqueness of the design or size you need to shade your patio properly. All of our shade sails are custom-made and require attention and time beyond cutting and sewing to be properly executed. The process requires a lot more labor, such as the holes and cement application for the poles.

How do you know if your shade sail was properly installed?

The first and most obvious indicator is your shade must not sag. This sag can be caused because there is not enough tension on the installation, or it’s possible that the shade is too large for your area. Shade sails stretch over time, and if they are not the right size or are properly tensed, this will cause swaying and can be dangerous with strong wind or rain.

Why should you care about UVB
vs. UVA Fabric?

You’re likely buying a shade sail because you wish to create more shaded space to relax year-round. It makes sense to consider that Ultraviolet sun rays that can cause skin aging, wrinkling, and skin burning. It’s important to consider protecting your health while enjoying your downtime.

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