Give a memorable impression of your home with the elegance of a Slide Wire Canopy.


Slide Wire Patio Cover in Goleta CA

What are the benefits of a slide wire patio covering vs. a fixed-in-place awning?

Slide Wire Patio Cover in Goleta CA

Installing a slide wire allows you to have both shade and sunshine since it can be drawn open and closed whenever you like. This shade solution adds beauty and elegance to any outdoor patio that is truly delightful to enjoy. Slide wires are not difficult to use and can be easily moved around with the help of a long hook that we provide.

Where can I install a slide-wire patio cover?

You have many choices! A slide wire can be installed in various places.

Perhaps the most popular and commonly seen location is underneath an existing pergola or trellis. Don’t have one? We can fabricate a custom welded frame to fit the area you want to be covered.

A third option can be in between a courtyard or any outdoor enclosed space.

How often should slide wires be
cleaned, and is it difficult?

We recommend homeowners perform maintenance every 6 months to a year. This will help prevent mold or dirt stains from forming and will help preserve its integrity.

How should I clean my slide

First, you will unhook them all from the wire, and with a pressure washer, you’ll be able to scrub off all the dirt. Slide Wire Patio Cover in Goleta CA

Which types of color tones would you recommend for a slide wire?

After replacing many old slide wires we would strongly recommend choosing darker color tones because the dirt does not show as much and is much easier to clean. If you choose a lighter tone be prepared to replace them within 3 – 5 years.